At Prime Demo Corpus Christiwe offer a wide variety of services to meet every need you may have. Demolition in Corpus Christi Texas not an easy job, and for each circumstance, it is necessary to follow different patterns as well as use different tools. Our team is widely trained for everything you will do and can help you with everything you need, so you can have the land available to start building again. Among our services we offer you:

Pool & Garage Demolition

Not always this type of change is favorable, and if you decide that you no longer wish to have a pool on your property, we will take care of making it disappear in a very short time. That also applies for garage demolition in Corpus Christi TX

Commercial Demolition

There is no building big enough for us, as we have the experience and the necessary technique to carry out this work without any problems, with the appropriate control of waste for commercial demolition in Corpus Christi Texas.

Residential Demolition

The residential areas it is necessary to keep strict control of the residential demolition Corpus Christi in order not to harm the neighbors.

Concrete Breakdown

No structure is complex enough for us, so we’ll take care of dismantling everything that’s needed to get you started.

Land & Bush Leveling

The most important thing about demolition is to ensure that the entire site is left standing so that new construction can begin immediately thanks to the land leveling in Corpus.

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